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Ken & Elaine Wolff/916-704-9238: Partnership for a Healthier Life and a Greener World
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Our Home on Wheels

Ken's story: 

I was blessed to be born into a wonderful caring family. I learned that it is greater to give than it is to receive. I would rather help than be helped.  There is so much more of great value on this website, you may not have time to explore it all so right now bookmark it so that you can find it again and again.  Click on the tabs above to get to the Welcome Page, the Why Shaklee page, Shopping and also the tabs on the left to get more information about us and the business.

I have always been active in sports and outdoor activities. I never thought of myself as overweight. However in a recent physical exam I discovered that I fell into the overweight class. I decided at that point to take the Shaklee 180 Challenge. That is 90 days to lose the weight plus 90 days to learn how to keep it off. I invite you to join me in this life changing event.

Elaine's story: As a child, I was active and busy all of the time. I did not think about weight. There was a time though in recent years that I started gaining more than I wanted. As we age, we need less intake in calories and more outgo in the form of exercise. We can blame genetics or we can take charge of our lives and work toward a better and healthier tomorrow. I am choosing to diminish my waist line as I join Ken and my sister in building a healthier life. In the last year, I found out that I have Atrial Fibrillation. This is also a reason to work hard at being successful. I have already lost twenty pounds and will continue to strive. I am totally excited about this new Shaklee 180 program and I know it will change my health life while I continue to shed some pounds. We would love to have you join us in helping ourselves and others succeed. I love it when someone says something about my success so far. Don't give up on yourself. Keep on keeping on for a healthier tomorrow.